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Our approach to recruitment

Carpenova offers a high-quality complete or partial recruitment process to help find the right manager for our clients’ businesses. Our transparent and process-oriented approach involves a high degree of talent and skill.

The objective of everything we do is to find the best match between clients and candidates to enable both the individuals and the companies to grow.

We try to practise what we preach. Our culture is characterised by:



Everyone who comes into contact with us should feel at ease and trust our integrity and, obviously, our confidentiality. We keep our promise by working with the most up-to-date tools governed by applicable legislation and regulations.



Winners never stand still – we have the motivation to always develop our work processes and approach. We follow every shift in the market in order to meet our clients’ expectations – from knowing the trends of a specific industry to knowing via which media a recruitment assignment should be activated. In a world of tougher competition for the best candidates, we always need to be one step ahead if we’re to succeed. Internally, we work together. Although this should be a matter of course in all professions where people are being assessed, it rarely is. Our experience has taught us that the quality assurance of our delivery – i.e. the candidate – is much better when we work as a team with regard to selection and assessment.



A professional meeting in our industry is based on respect, trust, active listening, empathy, keeping our promises, and responding as promised.

We are very respectful of the fact that we’re actually borrowing our clients’ brands during the recruitment process. We’re proud to be able to add value to the brand through our process-oriented approach in which nothing slips through the cracks, and in which we treat everyone we come into contact with professionally, respectfully, and with confidentiality.

Our partnerships with our clients involves us freely sharing with them our knowledge of their industry. We firmly believe that those who give, receive back in equal measure.

In our structured follow-ups, we use tools that help both the new recruit and the recruiting manager to identify the motivational factors that hit the mark and enable the partnership to create synergies quickly. We’re convinced that happy people are profitable people – both for Carpenova and for our clients.

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